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Marriage Prep
Are you planning to get married?
Call Rita Clasemann at the parish office: 320-679-1593 at least 6 months prior
to your planned wedding
. We'll work out details about the preparation
process, the scheduling of the Church, liturgical planning, and other details.

Please don't hesitate to call, even if you don't come to Mass regularly. We still
want to hear from you! To send an e-mail inquiry,
please click here.
What do you need to do before marriage
in the Church?

1.  Complete the pre-nuptial
investigation form.
2.  Bring in documentation (Baptism
Confirmation, previous marriages,
divorces, annulments.)
3.  Complete the communication tool
"Fully Engaged" and have the follow-up
4.  Participate in a Marriage Prep
weekend sponsored by the Diocese of St.
5.  Meet with Rita and the Liturgist to
plan the Wedding liturgy.

"Christian marriage may be the vocation that requires the deepest level
of faith and trust in God."  
Bishop John Kinney in Marriage in Christ.
"When I look
at her,
I see
the image
of God."
is the
that holds us
'The best thing
can do
for their
is to LOVE
each other."
Marriage takes THREE:
The Husband,
The Wife,
and God
in the midst.

Learn to pray together.
Want to keep you marriage strong
after 5 yrs, 25 yrs, 50 yrs, or more?
5 Love Languages

Learn to enrich your marriage
Words of Affirmation,
Simple Gifts,
Acts of Service,
Physical Touch,
and Quality Time together.

Check out the DVD at our Parish
Six Dates for Catholic
Dating doesn't and shouldn't end
with the wedding day!
Work your way through..
One Upon a Time,
Marriage is...
What Keeps You Together?
What About Me?
The Blueprint of Love
Where Do I Find the Courage?

Watch the section of the DVD,
discuss the questions, and then go
on a date with your spouse.
Check out:  
for suggestions and ways to enrich your marriage.